The Company

These three artists, soon to be in their thirties, have known each other for a very long time as friends and as circus artists. Naël Jammal and Guillaume Biron met when they were 15 years old on the benches of the National Circus School of Châtellerault where they were both preparing themselves for a bachelor's in Literature with the option of specializing in circus. In 2004, they attended the National Circus School of Montreal where they met Florent Lestage, the third member of their marvelous trio. Their artistic chemistry sparked instantly through a mix of different disciplines (juggling, balance) and a mutual sense of humor that developed between the three. "Les Indécis" was the first small company they formed together with other colleagues from school. Their small group convinced the well known Quebec troupe, "les 7 Doigts de la Main" to hire them to create their show "Psy". This show had the great success of being presented during several seasons and was performed in various continents around the world. This gave the trio their fare share of touring and working in the industry.

Today, Naël, Guillaume and Florent have founded the company “Tête d’Enfant” the same way others would have built a fort: it is a place that is their own, to experiment, play freely, live their artistic friendship and invent stories that resemble their own. “We don’t want to grow up, we don’t want to give up on our emotions and intuitions” the trio claims. The trio’s name has been inspired from a quote in the movie “Les Enfants du Paradis” by Marcel Carné. The trio’s first show, « Me, myself and us », was written spontaneously, with a strong desire to create. There was no need to discuss a specific subject in order to maintain the freedom of doing things unexpectedly. It is obviously the notion of the group and their individuality that appeared during the creation process: the three artists, who have a very strong bond and dynamic, had no other subject that was more interesting then the unique connection they have with each other. This famous “invincible connection” that units them.