Guillaume Biron, Naël Jammal and Florent Lestage met at the National Circus School of Montreal where they were taught that every discipline deepens the body language of an artist. If everyone is a clown, juggler, dancer and tight rope walker, somewhere along the lines, everyone will develop an expertise.

Guillaume Biron

Guillaume Biron (France, 1986)

He was drawn to the sport aspect of circus and was encouraged by his mother to join as a way for him to avoid lounging around on a Wednesday afternoon. Having previously been a gymnast, Guillaume discovered the circus arts after his gymnastics club closed down. Intrigued by many things in life, Guillaume is organized but very sensitive on stage. He practices unicycle, juggling and specializes in acrobatics but has selected the trapeze as his main discipline.

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Naël Jammal

Naël Jammal (France, 1985)

He met Guillaume at the National Circus School in Châtellerault. Naël was also a child drawn to sports. Since “he has too much energy” (says his mother), he played soccer, tennis and trained in swimming and karate. The music is what called Naël to join the circus arts. At the age of 11 years old, he quickly tried everything: hand to hand, banquine, the Russian bar and juggling but it is balancing on his hands that suits how he expresses himself most. He also uses his baggage in hip-hop, free running and capoeira to complete his unique style.

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Florent Lestage

Florent Lestage (France, 1985)

He is one of a kind: he dances and juggles with such ease but, nonetheless, accepts that people have given him the surname “Gaston Lagaffe”. A (false?) awkwardness imposes a specific challenge for him and offers him a distinct style of body language. Florent draws his inspiration from silent films, dance (from classical to hip-hop), music, visual arts, his travels, acquaintances, cultural differences he noticed during his childhood, as well as what he retrieves from “his dreams and disappointments.”

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